Although buying a home is exciting, it is one of the largest decisions made in one’s life. There is a lot at stake and we want to make sure you’re covered. This is the most common inspection; we perform it for home buyers when purchasing a home. You will be confident in your decision to move forward, in one way or another, once we have completed the inspection and provided you with the inspection report.

We include a written report with pictures, check for recalls on equipment and appliances and help you understand the inner workings of your home. Additionally, for as long as you own the home, you can call us at anytime with questions about the report.

Ending up with more money at closing is what we all want. When it comes to sell your home, this money, called net return, is the selling price of your home less your debt and costs. A solid strategy is to only focus things which will more than likely increase your selling price more than the cost of doing them. Any defect that is material enough to kill a real estate transaction is likely going to be uncovered eventually anyway.  It is best to discover the problem ahead of time, before it can kill the deal. Our report can be printed and used as a selling tool when shown to potential buyers.

Through our inspection and reporting process, we can make you aware of any potential red flags and assist in a solution, budgeting and recommending reputable contractors.

Holy cow! You are finally in your brand new home, built to your specifications. Awesome, right!?!? Maybe not. You watched, for months, drones of countless individuals come and go in an out of your house while it was being built. There are a lot of moving parts and components. We can help ensure things are functioning and were installed as they should have been. Your new home does have a warranty on not only components, but workmanship. We have an extensive background in new construction and contracting.  We want to ensure the house will last and perform as it was intended in our upstate New York climate.

In addition to our Standards of Practice we use for used homes, we will ensure your new home was built in spec with standards set forth by National Association of Home Builders.

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You’re a homeowner and didn’t get an inspection before you purchased for one reason or another, or maybe you a new to home ownership entirely. We evaluate your home and provide a tailored routine maintenance and upkeep plan to keep your home in tiptop shape and ensure the longevity of it’s individual components. We can forecast costs associated with improvements and repairs as well as other areas requiring attention.

Be prepared with questions like:

  • Is the fireplace and chimney safe and in good order?
  • How can I make my home more energy efficient?
  • Is the home at risk of mold or formaldehyde?
  • How long will the furnace last and what is the life expectancy of the air conditioner?
  • Does the roof show signs of leaking and how long will it last?

Looking into commercial or multifamily properties come with the same risks as single-family homes. We will provide you a written report with pictures in lines with NYS Standards and Practices. The report will be delivered within 24 hours of completion of the inspection.

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